Hover Challenge

"…to fly is heavenly, but to hover is divine…"

The above is very often quoted when talking about helicopter flight and once you have experienced the uniqueness of the helicopter to hover, then you will understand it too. Here at Hover Helicopters, the Hover Challenge not only allows you to experience the hover during a flight, but it also allows you to take the controls and have a go at hovering the aircraft yourself! Your instructor will demonstrate each of the helicopter’s controls during the first 20 minutes of your flights with the last 10 minutes dedicated to your challenge. Come and show us what you can do!

In addition to the experience you will also be assisting us in raising money towards the Wales Air Ambulance, as for every Hover Challenge flight sold, we will donate a percentage of the profit to the charity.

There will also be an option to purchase a video of your flight as we will film the experience from within the aircraft and at the heliport so you can show your family and friends how you did. (additional charge)

The Hover Challenge is available at our Cardiff and Welshpool bases