City, Coast and Castles

Price: £149.00

Departure Point: Cardiff Heliport

Flight Time: 30 Minutes

Max Weight: 17st per person

Min Age: Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

This amazing half hour flight departs from Cardiff heliport and takes in the highlights of the city, flying over the docks, the bay area, the Parliament buildings before heading to Cardiff City Stadium and onto the Principality stadium.

We then head north flying over Cardiff Castle, originally a roman fortification, it was given to the city in 1947 . It’s now a popular place for concerts, Tom Jones has played there. Then it’s onto Caerphilly, birthplace of the legendary Tommy Cooper. Caerphilly Castle built in the 13th Century is the second largest castle in Britain, the surrounding lakes stopped attackers digging tunnels to collapse the walls, which was a technique at the time.

Heading east takes us to Ruperra Castle which was built in 1626 , King Charles I stayed there in 1645, while raising support after the Battle of Naseby. Later it was home to Captain Godfrey Charles Morgan who was in command of a section of the Light Brigade that charged into the ‘Valley of Death’ at the Battle of Balaclava.

Before we head back over Newport and along the coast there just time to take in the famous Celtic Manor Resort with it’s 3 hotels, 3 championship golf courses and 6 restaurants.

Flights take place on certain days from March until October, once you have purchased and received your voucher you can redeem it online and book a date and time for your flight.