Liverpool and Chester

Price: £149.00

Departure Point: Aintree

Flight Time: 30 Minutes

Max Weight: 17st per person

Min Age: Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

From Aintree we head south over the city of Liverpool, as we cross the Mersey look out for the ferries and the Pier head with its famous buildings, which together form the ‘Three Graces’ and make it the most recognisable port in the world. The roman city of Chester, was founded in 79ad and is one of the prettiest and best preserved walled cities in Britain. It is thought because the size of the town and the fortifications that the Romans’ meant Chester to be their capital not London. Look out for another famous racecourse known as ‘the Roodee’, the oldest still in use in Britain. We then head north again back to our starting point for another bird’s eye view of Liverpool.

Flights take place on certain days from March until October, once you have purchased and received your voucher you can redeem it online and book a date and time for your flight